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Frequently Asked Questions


Lodge Accommodation
For Jasper/Alpine Summit Seniors Lodge
Social Housing
Senior Self Contained Apartments


Lodge Accommodation:


Q: Am I eligible?
Refer to Lodge Criteria

Q: Can I/we view a room, tour the lodge?
Yes. Contact manager:
Contact - Alpine Summit, Jasper
Contact - Pine Valley, Hinton
Contact - Parkland Lodge, Edson
Contact - Whispering Pines, Grande Cache
Contact - Sunshine Place, Evansburg

Q: What services does the lodge offer?
Refer to Basic Services provided:
Alpine Summit, Jasper
Pine Valley, Hinton
Parkland Lodge, Edson
Whispering Pines, Grande Cache
Sunshine Place, Evansburg


Seniors Lodges


Q: How is my rent calculated?

A: Calculated by Rent Geared to Income (RGI) formula.

Single Persons- 30% of income (to a maximum, will be determined annually) + a service package, see Manager for package prices.

Couples- 30% of combined income (to a maximum, will be determined annually) + a service package, see Manager for package prices.

Additional costs, not included in service packages include personal laundry (no cost of done by resident), parking, cable, health care costs, and extra cleaning charges.

Whispering Pines Lodge located in Grande Cache was funded, in part, by an Affordable Housing grant made available through the Government of Alberta. Therefore, Whispering Pines Lodge uses the RGI method or the Affordable Housing Rates to determine rent depending on the amount of total family income (i.e. single senior or combined couple's income). Please see Application Forms, Seniors Lodge Application Information (pages 7 and 8), for information on RGI and Affordable Housing Rates.


For Jasper/Alpine Summit Seniors Lodge:

Q: Can anyone live at your lodge?
In accordance with Parks Canada, an applicant must be an existing resident of Jasper National Park, be dependent on eligible residents, or they may be considered transient residents, see Lodge Criteria


Social Housing:


Q: How long does it take for my application to be approved?
Up to 3 weeks

Q: Can I be subsidized where I currently live?
Not always, we may ask that you move to a more suitable accommodation for reasons such as bedroom count or cost of rent

Q: How long is the waitlist?
Up to 1.5 years

Q: Can I have a 2 bedroom if I only need one?
No, you may be asked to pay a surcharge for extra bedrooms

Q: Do you pay security deposit?
No, it is the responsibility of the renter, but we can ask the landlord to reduce it

Q: How much money can I make before I qualify for housing?
Edson: 1 bedroom - $38,000, 2 bedroom - $43,000, 3 bedroom - $50,500 
Hinton: 1 bedroom - $38,000, 2 bedroom - $43,000, 3 bedroom - $50,500
Jasper: 1 bedroom - $34,500, 2 bedroom - $38,000, 3 bedroom - $45,000


Senior Self-Contained Apartments:


Q: How is my rent calculated?
A: 30% of your gross monthly income.

Q: What’s included in the rent?
Heat, water/sewer, and shared laundry.

Q: Are there any other fees each month?
Cable, electricity and parking (if required) are added to your monthly 30% rental payment.

Q: I own a home. Is any profit from the sale used in calculating the 30% rental amount?
It is used when determining eligibility, but not included for calculating rent.

Q: I’m not 65, can I still move in?
Under-aged applicants will be discussed and approved by the Board of Directors.

Q: How long after my application is approved will I have to wait to move in?
All applications are scored based on Priority of Need. This means that those who have the greatest need for housing will be moved in first. No specific wait time can be given as move-in rates depend on the number of vacancies.

Q: How long will my application be valid?
Applications are valid for six months starting from the date it’s been approved by The Evergreens Foundation CAO. Updated information, including a new medical report will be required for applications over the six month period.

Q: What minimum health standards must I meet in order to qualify for the Seniors Self-Contained Apartments?
A: Applicants must be functionally independent, with or without the assistance of existing community based services. Example: Meals on Wheels or Home Care. Your medical practitioner will be required to fill out a medical report stating any health or social issues which are used to determine your eligibility.

Q: What legislation are Self-Contained Apartments required to follow?
We are governed by both the Residential Tenancy Act and the Social Housing Accommodation Regulation.

Mission Statement


The Evergreens Foundation will provide in a respectful and supportive manner, a continuum of housing options that promote quality of life and independence.


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